Mustard Oil in Abhyanga Massage | Ayurveda Medicine

Published: Dec 13, 2021
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Mustard Oil in Abhyanga Massage | Ayurveda Medicine

Mustard oil is made from grounded mustard seeds mixed with water. Without going into the details, mind that there are various types of mustard plants (and seeds accordingly), which subsequently give slightly different types of oils.

At any rate, Mustard oil is commonly used in Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and in India to massage, in cooking, for steaming, scraping, or gargling, or as oil in herbal packs and compresses, among other applications.

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It has a very specific pungent and bitter taste, besides being hot in potency and of a highly penetrating nature. It’s known to pacify both Kapha and Vata Dosha.

Nevertheless, due to its very hot nature it can aggravate Pitta Dosha. As such, Mustard oil needs to be used with consideration. Not everyone can bear Mustard oil for massage, but it can be diluted with Coconut oil to neutralize its sharpness.

It’s further thought to cleanse, stimulate and revitalize the body, improve skin and hair conditions, alleviate rheumatism, back pains and muscle pains, promote wound healing, and reduce hemorrhoids, ulcers, and worms.

Mustard oil is one of the oils traditionally used in Abhyanga Massage, Infant and Baby Massage, and as oil to massage postnatal mothers.

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