Magnetism, Magnetic Therapy, and Energy Healing

Published: May 28, 2022
Written by: Marce Ferreira

Magnetism and Magnetic Therapy

Magnetism — Magnet Therapy or Magnetic Therapy — in the context of complementary or alternative medicine is about using the weak static magnetic fields or weak electric fields created by permanent magnets in order to achieve healing benefits.

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Magnet Therapy should not be confused with Mesmerism, which is another type of Biofield therapy that uses the concept of a “magnetic fluid” in human bodies that can flow from one body to another.

In any case, practitioners of Magnet Therapy use the weak magnetic fields of permanent magnets to locations of or around the body for beneficial health effects. It’s thought, for instance, that magnets and their magnetic fields can either improve blood circulation in underlying tissues and/or stimulate Life Force Energy flow across the body.

The magnets used by therapists (or by a person for self-healing) may include magnetic bracelets, jewelry, and crystals, magnetic straps, plasters, and patches, magnetic shoe insoles, magnetic blankets, magnetic creams and supplements, among other products.

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