How Many Ayahuasca Ceremonies Do I Need?

Published: Feb 15, 2023
Edited by: Team TB

How Many Ayahuasca Ceremonies Do You Need?

This is a question often asked by Ayahuasca users, but unfortunately there’s no easy answer because it really depends on the individual person and their circumstances.

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First of all, Ayahuasca is definitely not a one-time cure-all remedy. That said, one session may be all that you need, but in general, Ayahuasca healing is rather a process that can take months or years to complete, if it finds an ending at all.

The truth is that Ayahuasca can help you to gain insight in your issues and give you pointers of how to proceed in your life. The Ayahuasca brew is basically not a healer, but a teacher. Healing comes from you, done by yourself.

It means that you’ll need to work on things that need a change in your life after you’ve participated in an Ayahuasca retreat or ceremony, which is usually called the integration process.

It’s your progress and intentions that will guide if you need another Ayahuasca ceremony and/or what you’ll get revealed in subsequent Ayahuasca sessions. And, last but not least, your personal and/or financial circumstances may play a role in how many ceremonies you want to or can attend.

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