Ayahuasca | General Precautions Before Drinking the Brew

Published: Feb 10, 2023
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Ayahuasca | General Precautions of Use

Before using Ayahuasca, there are some general precautions to be reckoned with. First of all, the decision to use Ayahuasca should be based on one’s own will and desire, and on knowledge of the risks, the contraindications, possible effects and health benefits.

We also recommend reading our post Preparation for the Ayahuasca Ceremony in which we’ve mentioned many elements that need to be done or taken into account to prepare optimally for Ayahuasca consumption or ceremonies.

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In any case, recreational drugs or alcohol should not be consumed by the participant before and after taking Ayahuasca, especially stimulants, because it can lead to adverse reactions.

It’s important to pre-evaluate the credentials and proficiency of the Ayahuasca brewer or retreat facilitator, while also assessing if there will be proper care and aftercare during the retreat or Ayahuasca ceremony.

It’s advised to eat light and healthy, starting several days before an Ayahuasca ceremony. The last meal before taking the brew should be about six hours before the session.

One should preferably not be (feeling) ill, like having the flu or a cold, and one should be well rested and relaxed.

It’s advised to use Ayahuasca in a safe, trusted environment and to start with a low dose in order to get gradually used to the effects of the brew. After the effects have subsided it’s still advised to take proper rest and wait a while before reentering the “normal” world.

And finally, one should always first consult a specialist or professional healthcare provider if one has any type of illness or use daily medication (including herbal medicine), while also informing the person who guides the Ayahuasca ceremony about it.

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