Ear Candling Therapy

Published: Mar 3, 2021 | Updated: Jul 4, 2021
Written by: Marce Ferreira

Ear Candling Therapy

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Ear Candling or Ear Coning is a thermal-auricular therapy that uses special ear candles primarily to cleanse the ears. The origins of this treatment are unclear. Some say it was a Hopi (native Indians) practice, others claim it is a Chinese or Egyptian invention.

In any case, the candle itself is a hollow cone-shaped tube made of fabric and covered with a choice of waxes. The treatment involves placing the candle (about thirty cm in length) in an ear and lighting it.

The idea is that the warmth created by the flame causes suction in the cone, which pulls earwax and dirt out of the ear canal. The process for one ear takes about fifteen minutes.

The main benefit claimed is that Ear Candling cleanses the ears, which in its turn can alleviate ear pains, ear infections, tinnitus, hearing issues, sinus problems, flu symptoms, vertigo, and stress, among others.

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