Hygiene Health – How Should You Properly Look After Your Ear?

Published: Dec 22, 2022
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Hygiene Health - How Should You Properly Look After Your Ear

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Your ears are as important as the other parts of your body. However, taking them for granted is easy, and it can be too late when you realize it. Unlike the other parts of your body, the ears don’t require much.

All they need is the person’s proper knowledge of how to care for them, and if you know how to do that, you can live your life with happy ears. So to help you, here are essential things that you must know about ears to properly take care of them.

The Truth About Earwax

When you think about ear care, the primary thing that comes to mind is earwax. This is because the body secretes earwax, and people mistakenly take it as similar to poop, something dirty that should be taken care of. However, the truth is earwax is a helpful substance that benefits your ears in more ways than one.

In fact, earwax helps protect your inner ear, where the cochlea resides. It’s considered a natural barrier that blocks dirt and bacteria from getting to your ear by trapping them, including any microscopic debris due to its stickiness. So, if people attempt to remove their earwax, they’ll naturally lose this natural barrier.

Moreover, ears can get dry and flaky, which can result in infection, and the help of earwax moisturizes the ears and keeps your ear canal safe.

Now, what causes the problem is when it becomes excessive and blocks the ear passage. This is usually referred to as impacted earwax. In this case, earwax causes more discomfort than benefits and might lead to different types of hearing loss. As such, you should try to ease this feeling, which will be discussed in this article.

What Is the Right Way to Clean Your Ears?

First of all, your ears are self-cleaning. The wax moves along the ear canal when you move your jaw until to the opening, where it dries up or falls out. When that happens, then it’s time to clean the excess. So, in cleaning your ears properly, you must first stop and throw away your cotton swabs or any sharp objects.

People tend to scrape their ears when it gets uncomfortable, and doing so can cause blockage or much worse health problems. If you attempt to insert a finger or cotton swab, you can risk pushing the earwax back into the skin and hardening inside, which now causes the problem. This action can lead to an ear infection or ear wax impactions.

Instead, you should buy an over-the-counter earwax drop or a cleaning kit. This is only for people who don’t have any pain in the ear and don’t have any history of a perforated eardrum. In doing this cleanup, you shouldn’t feel any pain. If you do or feel dizzy, you should consider visiting an ear doctor. Earwax buildup and cleaning it shouldn’t hurt.

How to Look After Your Ear?

There are preventive measures and ways to take care of your ear before anything happens. To help you, here are a few ways that you can do so.

Use Hearing Protection for Loud Noise

If you’re about to go to a place that’s going to be loud, it would be best to prepare hearing protection, such as earplugs, or you can also consider getting breaks from any sound. However, this option will take a long time to recover properly. It can reach about 16 hours of quiet time.

Moreover, this applies to headphones or earphones that people usually use. You shouldn’t listen to sounds at a louder volume if you use these items. Also, consider lowering the volume if you listen to songs while driving. Listening to loud songs or noises in confined spaces can put your ears under pressure, damaging them in the long run.

Regular Ear Checkup

Getting regular ear check ups will also help you and your ear health. The doctor will usually screen your ear for problems, especially in the ear canal, eardrum, and middle ear.

One way the doctor will check your ear is by doing regular hearing tests, and if they discover any problem, the doctor might recommend you to use extra support like hearing aids. This supporting device can help your ears to work optimally.

The good thing about regular checkup is they can catch any issues before it worsens. So, if ever the doctor finds a problem in your ear and prescribes you medicine, you can purchase your meds and get discounts with Buzzrx.com to combat it immediately.

Keep Your Ears Dry

Sometimes water carries the most bacteria or viruses. For example, if you don’t thoroughly dry your ears after washing up, the excess moisture can build up bacteria and expose your ear canal. They can breed on it and cause several ear infections, such as ear dermatitis, eczema, and otitis media.

Take Time to Rest and Relax

You might be surprised to learn that stress can also factor in some ear problems. The anxiety can pressure your nerves, triggering tinnitus, a ringing in the air. So, if you’re having many problems at the moment and you’re feeling sudden discomfort in your ear, it would be best to drop what you’re doing and take time to rest and relax.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the important things about how to care for your ear, it’s up to you now on how you’ll apply what you know. It takes great knowledge and a sense of importance, but most importantly, action. So keep in mind everything you’ve read, and start by visiting your doctor to learn about your ears’ current situation.

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