Cannabis Paraphernalia | Equipment for Consuming Cannabis

Published: Nov 17, 2022 | Revised: May 2, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Cannabis Paraphernalia | Equipment for Consuming Cannabis

Cannabis Paraphernalia (or Marijuana Paraphernalia) refer to any equipment, apparatus, or furnishing that is used or necessary for the activity of consuming Cannabis.

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In this post, we talk about paraphernalia that is used to consuming Cannabis flowers, buds, leaves, hashish, oils, wax, or other concentrates, and not about products that are infused in Cannabis, such as certain foods and drinks.

Smoking Cannabis can be done by rolling Cannabis in cigar or cigarette paper (with or without tobacco), by using hand pipes, bubbler pipes, bongs (water pipes in which the smoke is filtered through the water before it’s inhaled), gravity bongs, glass or ceramic bowls, dabbing tools, and vapors (vape pens or vaporizers with cartridges or directly by using the actual parts of the Cannabis plant).

Additionally, you can buy Cannabis grinders (also called Marijuana grinders), which are metal or sometimes wooden devices that break up the Cannabis flowers, leaves, and stems so that they can be more easily rolled into a joint or burned into a bowl, and so on.

And a final remark: if you want to buy equipment to consume Cannabis, the best place to buy it is at a Cannabis Dispensary.

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