Yoni Varti | Ayurvedic Pessary for Gynecological Health

Published: Nov 1, 2021
Edited by: Team TB

Yoni Varti | Pessary for Gynecological Health

An Ayurvedic Yoni Varti treatment uses a vaginal suppository, medical wick, or pessary that is inserted in the vaginal tract to cure vaginal disorders, like, for instance, cervicitis, vaginitis, cervical erosions, leucorrhoea, pains, excessive or foul smelling discharge, infections, and miscarriages.

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In a more broader sense the word Yoni is used as a reference to the female reproductive system at various levels, not only addressing the vagina, but also the cervix, the uterus and ovaries, and sometimes the reproductive tract as a whole.

The Yoni Varti is prepared with special medicated herbs such as Yava (barley), Arka Ksheera (Calotropis gigantea), and Masa (a type of bean), and can stay for shorter or longer periods in the vagina, depending on what is treated. The drugs i.e. herbs selected generally have qualities like astringent, hygroscopic, antiseptic, and wound healing.

The diameter of a Varti is more or less the size equal to that of an index finger, and it’s inserted with the help of some Ghee or oil. The treatment can be administered by an Ayurvedic practitioner or by oneself.

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