What Is Hydrotherm Massage Therapy?

Published: Apr 20, 2022
Edited by: Team TB

What Is Hydrotherm Massage Therapy?

A Hydrotherm Massage is done with the receiver lying face-up (supine position) on warm water-filled pads (cushions) on top of a regular massage therapy couch or table. It’s a convenient massage treatment for those who cannot comfortably lie down in the prone position (face-down).

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The warm-water pads give the sensation of a water bed, giving the receiver’s back better spinal alignment and a pleasant position. Moreover, the warm water (30 – 40 degrees Celsius) in the pads encourages softening and relaxation of muscles, which makes the massage session more effective.

The massage therapist carries out the massage by sliding the hands between the receiver and the warm pads. Typically, the therapist will also use massage oils or lotions during the session.

Health benefits of Hydrotherm Massage therapy include stress relief, joints and muscles relaxation, faster recovery from muscle and joint pains or strains, neck and back pain relief, better sleep, and deep relaxation.

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