Vita-Flex Massage Therapy | Vitaflex Bodywork

Published: Aug 28, 2021
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Vita-Flex Massage Therapy | Vitaflex

Vita-Flex Therapy (also written as Vita Flex or Vitaflex) is said to be of Tibetan origin and is a type of reflexology bodywork brought to the United States in the 1920s by Stanley Burroughs. The label Vita-Flex is a combination of the words Vitality and Reflexes.

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The actual work consists of acupressure using the fingers in a rolling motion to create an electric charge into the body through reflex points or so-called acupoints. The Vita-Flex acupoints (or acupressure points) can be found on the feet, legs, hands, arms, spine, neck and head.

Vita-Flex sessions are often applied in combination with the use of essential oils as in the so-called Raindrop Technique. The idea is that essential oils also contain electromagnetic (and therapeutic) properties, which enhances the treatment and healing process.

It’s thought that a Vitaflex treatment can have the following health benefits:

  • Balances energy pathways
  • Supports healthy body systems
  • Reduces body stress and tensions
  • Re-aligns the spine
  • Improves hearing and alleviates ear aches
  • Helps detoxifying the lymphatic system
  • Supports the respiratory and immune system
  • Stimulates the colon and the digestive system

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