The Joys of Hiking and its Benefits

Published: Aug 20, 2022
Edited by: Team TB

The Joys of Hiking and its Benefits

In the dictionary, hiking is described as “the activity of going for long walks, especially in the country or woods.” I think that sounds about right.

Personally, of all the physical activities I ever did or tried, I definitely like hiking the most. It gives me incredible joy in life. I’m a big fan. Well, that is, hiking in pristine Nature, notably in the mountains and through primary forests.

I like climbing, I like finding my way through uncharted territory, and I like the widespread views when reaching a high point on a mountain. Additionally, I like to see and touch plants, flowers, fruits, trees, rocks, creeks, rivers, and most of all — I enjoy seeing wild animals living in freedom.

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Of course, the health benefits of hiking are well-known: it’s a form of physical exercise that improves our blood circulation and heart health (cardiovascular health), builds stronger muscles and bones, improves our memory, stimulates weight loss, improves our balance, and decreases the risks of certain respiratory problems, but hiking surrounded by Nature also brings us emotional and mental relief or even healing.

And there are many other beneficial aspects that come with hiking; depending on the type and duration of a hike and the type of trails it can build endurance and perseverance, stimulate better sleep quality, reduce anxiety and stress, improve sensory perception, increase bonding with a friend or partner, teach us respect for Nature, give us feelings of wholeness and unity, and endow us with spiritual uplifting.

To me, untouched Nature is just about everything. It’s the place I feel whole and happy. I like the multitude of indefinable forms, its mystery, and its undeniable radiance and power. I like the silence and serenity. I like the absence of human-made noises like those of cities, cars, motorcycles, screaming, factories, loud music, and so on. Well, let’s say it like this — the absence of environmental pollution and the hustle and bustle of human society.

Without the ability to hike regularly my life would become dull, empty, and devoid of meaning. I feel that Nature is God’s greatest gift to mankind — if there’s a God. And if there’s not — I would say that Nature definitely serves as one.

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