Shiatsu Baby Massage | Acupressure, Holds, and Stretches

Published: Feb 13, 2022 | Revised: Jan 26, 2024
Written by: Marce Ferreira

Baby Massage Precautions, Risks, and Contraindications

Shiatsu Baby Massage or Baby Shiatsu is a common infant treatment practice in Japan, but it’s also widely used in Western countries.

It’s a gentle, manual acupressure massage based on Shiatsu principles. It works on acupressure points that lie along the Energy Meridians in order to stimulate the free flow of Vital Life Energy (called Ki in Japan) through the baby’s body.

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It’s thought that the uninhibited flow of Ki Life Energy supports the development, overall health and emotional well-being of the child. Nevertheless, as the Ki Meridian system is not yet fully developed in an infant, the therapist applies an adapted style of Shiatsu acupressure therapy.

Other benefits are thought to be strengthening of the baby’s immune system, increased bonding with the parents and its new environment, alleviation of respiratory, abdominal and intestinal issues, relief of colic and constipation, and a better quality of sleep, among others.

Apart from acupressure, Shiatsu techniques also include stroking, gentle kneading, stretches, movements, and so-called static, sustained “holds” in certain positions. Baby Shiatsu can be applied through the clothes, but also directly on the baby’s skin with the use of massage oils.

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