Rain Can Bring Physical and Mental Health Benefits

Published: Oct 4, 2023
Edited by: Team TB

Rain Can Bring Physical and Mental Health Benefits

It doesn’t sound obvious at first, but walking in the rain can have some specific health benefits for people. I’m not talking about rain as a very important necessity for life, like for agriculture, animals, plants in forests and such, and as drinking and bathing water, to just give some examples.

No, it’s about some other things. For instance, the air is usually much cleaner during and directly after a rain shower, because the rain droplets catch pollution particles in the air and bring them down to the ground. This is particularly the case in areas that suffer from air pollution. It means that it’s often good to walk out in the rain or immediately after and breathe in some really clean air.

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Nevertheless, the phenomenon of Petrichor, which is the pleasant scent produced when rain falls on dry soil, creates aerosols (in this case airborne water particles) that contain essential oils (from pollen, and so on), but may also carry bacteria and viruses.

In any case, rains typically cool down the air, which is very welcome in the hot season or on very warm days. Too much heat is simply not healthy for humans. Moreover, the rain brings more humidity in the air, which is generally beneficial for your hair and skin.

If you live in the city, the rain can be a welcome opportunity to go out and walk around in a much calmer atmosphere because most people will stay indoors. In fact, it can be a great moment to take a quiet, pleasant walk and relax.

Another thing about rain is that it usually brings cooler weather. When you do a physical activity in colder weather you burn more calories. It means that you can have a more effective workout if you do it in the rain.

Rains also bring another ambiance over an environment, and spending time outdoors when it’s raining makes you see your surroundings with a different eye. Sometimes this is just what you need to change your perspective somewhat, which often helps to boosts your creativity and/or to come to a solution of a problem you’re dealing with.

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