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eBook - Thai Massage Schools & Teachers in Chiang MaiThai Massage Schools & Teachers in Chiang Mai | Thailand
The Ultimate Thai Massage Training Guide
A unique and all-inclusive eGuide with the best known, lesser known, most popular, and absolute top Thai Massage trainers and training courses in Chiang Mai.
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Harnn Lifestyle is the online store of Harnn, a company that was founded in 1999 as Thailand's first natural soap manufacturer and exporter - and their Natural Rice Bran Oil Soaps are still one of their best seller. On the following years they expanded their product range to many other spa goods, such as essential oils, herbal cosmetics, perfumes,  balms and creams, etc. They are based in Bangkok, and besides selling online (and shipping worldwide) , they have several local stores throughout Thailand and also local stores and local online shops in many other countries such as Indonesia, China,  South Africa, Switzerland, among others.


Bangkok, Thailand

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