Chicago Dungeon Rentals

Published: Mar 16, 2021 | Updated: Mar 16, 2021

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Chicago Dungeon Rentals offers a variety of BDSM playrooms available by the hour or entire BDSM dungeons available by the hour or overnight. Some of the larger playroom pieces include bondage tables, St. Andrews crosses, a spanking bench, a spanking horse, cages, cbt chair, leather love sling, and an 8 foot by 8 foot bondage rig, and other amenities. Additionally, Chicago Dungeon Rentals offers private classes in person, with social distancing and online with secure web conferencing. Classes include: Dominance, Anal Play, Medical Play, Bondage Basics, CBT & Genital Torture, Chastity Play, BDSM Rituals & Protocols, Impact Play Curious, Rough Body Play, Strap-on sex for every body, and The Three C’s: Communication, Compassion, and Consent.

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