Nurturing the Mother® Massages

Published: Jan 6, 2021 | Revised: Jun 21, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Nurturing the Mother® Massages

Nurturing the Mother® massages is a comprehensive set of treatment modalities developed by Claire Marie Miller.

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These massages, as the name already suggests, nurture mothers, but in a broader sense provide wellbeing for all women in general.

Claire has developed arrange of specialized massage modalities, such as Nurturing the Mother® Fertility Massage, Nurturing the Mother® Visceral Abdominal Massage, Nurturing the Mother® Pregnancy and Postpartum Massage, and Nurturing the Mother® Menopause Massage, to name some of the treatments.

In the various modalities, a wide range of techniques are used, such as Abdominal Massage, palpation diagnostics, cranial-sacral alignment, reflexology, adhesions and congestion release, uterus positioning, and herbal packs applications, among others.

More info about Nurturing the Mother® massages can be found on Claire’s website.

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