Health Benefits of Breathwork | Physical, Emotional-Mental, and Spiritual Effects

Published: May 6, 2023
Edited by: Team TB

Health Benefits of Breathwork | Physical, Emotional-Mental, and Spiritual Levels

Breathwork is thought to have many health benefits, well, at least according to a large number of therapists, facilitators, and Breathwork participants.

Nevertheless, it must be said that from out a scientific point of view, and the research that has been done in that context, most of the benefits usually attributed to Breathwork are in fact considered anecdotal, that is, based on subjective experiences.

Perhaps the only really “hard data” about the health benefits is that most Breathwork modalities intend to finally relax and calm participants (i.e. breathers), and alleviate stress and anxiety.

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Yet, as a result of these few objectively proven benefits a range of other positive effects may come about such as lower blood pressure and heart rate, better breathing patterns, increased concentration ability, reduced physical tension in the body (and all the beneficial health effects of such), enhanced sleep quality, more joy and happiness in life, among a variety of other outcomes.

In any case, perhaps the hard benefits may not sound as a “box of plenty,” but that doesn’t mean Breathwork is flawed. In fact, research about the health benefits of Breathwork is still in its infancy.

Moreover, it’s a rather complicated domain that consists of many Breathwork modalities and styles, with different techniques, and used in different situations with people that have dissimilar health conditions, wishes, or needs.

Below then we give you a very general overview of supposed and anecdotal health benefits on the physical, emotional-mental, and spiritual level. As said before, these depend very much on the type of Breathwork and the type of dis-eases addressed.

Physical Level

  • Increases oxygenation of the body;
  • Improves energy levels;
  • Stimulates the circulatory system;
  • Balances the flow of energy in the body;
  • May resolve respiratory ailments;
  • May improve the respiratory system;
  • May resolve headaches;
  • May resolve physical tensions;
  • Can be helpful in pain management.

Emotional-Mental Level

  • Reduction of stress, anxiety, anger, and worries;
  • May resolve psychosomatic illnesses;
  • May resolve depression and negative emotions;
  • May resolve emotional traumas;
  • May resolve addictive behaviors;
  • May resolve Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD);
  • Improves self-awareness, self-discovery, and self-esteem;
  • Enhances awareness of obsolete habitual patterns;
  • Increases life enjoyment and happiness;
  • Increases fuller self-expression;
  • May enhance creative ability.

Spiritual Level

  • Can deepen one’s meditation practice;
  • May strengthen the connection with the Divine;
  • May expand awareness;
  • May lead to spiritual growth;
  • May give access to non-ordinary or changed states of consciousness i.e. psychedelic experiences.

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