Energetic Assessment in Massage Therapy

Published: Feb 26, 2024
Edited by: Team TB

Vital energy flow in woman

Depending on the type of therapy and the background of massage and bodywork therapists, Holistic Client Assessment may include an Energetic Assessment.

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This is about evaluating both the internal energy flow and energy balance in the client’s body, which may address Vital Life Energy (typically called Prana, Qi, Lom, and so on), the state and functioning of the Chakras (Yoga energy distribution centers), Energy Channel blockages and weaknesses (TMC Meridians, Yoga Nadis, Thai Sib Sen Energy Lines, etc.), or other energetic aspects.

For therapists that are proficient in energetic aspects, this type of client assessment can help identify possible physical, emotional, and spiritual issues, some of which the client may not be even consciously aware of.

Moreover, it also works the other way around, that is, the client’s physical, emotional/mental, and spiritual issues identify energetic imbalances, which give therapists who are specialized in Energy Healing important pointers to the focus and techniques that will be applied in the future treatment(s).

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