Ecopsychology | Healing the Emotional Bond between Man and Earth

Published: Oct 5, 2023 | Revised: May 2, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Ecopsychology | Healing the Emotional Bond between Man and Earth

Ecopsychology is a field of study and treatment approach that focuses on the synthesis of Ecology and Psychology, and the promotion of sustainability and respect for Nature.

You will find Ecopsychology also labeled under other terms, such as Green Psychology, Psychoecology, Green Therapy, Global Therapy, Shamanic Counseling, Transpersonal Ecology, or Ecotherapy.

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Ecopsychology emphasizes that the emotional bond between humans and the Earth i.e. Nature is an important factor for mental health and happiness, because mankind is essentially structured by and a creation of a natural non-human environment.

One of the premises of Ecopsychology is that when we recognize that Nature is not something separate from us but that we are Nature, we will change our often destructive attitude and behavior towards the environment around us, while also feeling more satisfied and happy in/with life.

As such, within Ecopsychology, psychological pains are not solely studied or treated in the context of the individual and their interactions with other people, but likewise in its connection to the natural world. That is, Ecopsychology also focuses on the emotional connection between humans and Nature and tries to bring them spiritually closer to it, believing that it’s a path to healing, ameliorating their relationship with themselves and others.

One of the practical tools to achieve the latter is to actually propose to people to spend more time in Nature. This can be done in many forms; from Forest Bathing to Green Exercise, and from Trekking to Silent Retreats, depending on what’s thought to be suitable for the individual person.

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