Clarity Breathwork™ | Transformational Breathing Practice

Published: Apr 28, 2023
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Clarity Breathwork™ |  Transformational Breathing Practice

Clarity Breathwork™, developed by Ashanna Solaris and Dana DeLong, is a transformational Breathwork modality aimed at working on a person’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

This Breathwork practice has evolved out of the work of the International Breathwork and Rebirthing Community, which was founded through the work of Leonard Orr, and advanced by Sondra Ray and many others.

Goals, Techniques, and Results

It’s claimed that the practice can increase the available energy in the physical body, improve clarity of mind and stimulate creativity, and can help releasing blocked emotional energy and obsolete behavioral patterns in order to grow spiritually and gain greater awareness and presence.

The main breathing technique used is that of Conscious Connected Circular Breathing, one that is thought to allow the participant to enter non-ordinary and altered states of consciousness, while also enabling access to one’s own internal healing energy.

Clarity Breathwork Sessions

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Clarity Breathwork sessions typically follow a preset sequence. First you will have an interview during which you discuss current and past life situations and subsequently set intentions for your sessions.

Afterwards you will be guided in a breathing practice in which you receive one-on-one support to release tensions, stress, belief systems, and suppressed emotions.

And finally you’ll receive time to share your experience, and integrate and understand the process on a deeper level together with your Breathwork facilitator.

Clarity Breathwork session may be repeated at your wish, until you feel that “the work” that needed to be addressed is done, and you have come to a greater sense of well-being, while feeling more energy and aliveness.

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