Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy Explained

Published: Mar 17, 2022 | Revised: Feb 13, 2023
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy Explained

Bonnie Prudden (1914 – 2011) was an American physical fitness pioneer, expert rock climber and mountaineer.

She developed her Myotherapy system in 1976, named after Myo which means “muscle” in Greek, and therapy means “fix,” “heal,” or “cure.” Thus, Myotherapy means something like “healing the muscles.”

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Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy is a clothed type of bodywork on the massage table, and a method of relaxing muscle pains and spasm, improving circulation and alleviating pain, primarily based on working with trigger points.

By applying pressure to the muscle for several seconds using fingers, knuckles and elbows, the method establishes so-called trigger point release. Apart from trigger point release, the method also applies stretches on the massage table.

After release, the Bonnie Prudden Method prescribes specific corrective exercises for the freed muscles to induce enduring relief and re-education i.e. rehabilitation.

Some benefits of the treatment are increased strength, flexibility, coordination and circulation, stress and anxiety reduction, increased vitality and energy, better posture, and better sleep.

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