Somatic Stress Release™ | Increased Body Awareness and Completing Stress Responses

Published: Mar 12, 2024
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Somatic Stress Release™ was developed by Dr. Scott Lyon, and is a holistic system to enhance body awareness and increase capacity to complete biological stress responses.

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By learning how to identify, channel, complete, and release stress responses — instead of internalizing and somatizing stress in the body — one can optimize one’s ability to adapt and navigate life with more ease and agency. Moreover, existing unresolved embodied stress can be digested and released through body-based therapeutic techniques.

Somatic Stress Release™ particularly aims at supporting clients to sense and regulate their own physiology and states of being, which basically involves coming to a deeper sense of and connection with the body-mind, understanding and recognizing biological processes of stress, followed by subsequent stress response completion and Self Body De-Armoring.

In addition, therapists and professional bodyworkers can study the program in order to become instructors and teach their own clients how to use Somatic Stress Release™ techniques for their own benefit.

The tools utilized in Somatic Stress Release™ include Muscular-Fascial Release Work with Balls, Movement Practices, Proprioception Re-Patterning, Central Nervous System Tension Release, Motor Balancing Techniques, Iliopsoas Complex Release Work, Manual Therapy for Stress Release, Organ and Enteric Nervous System Release Work, Breathwork, Tremoring and Mobilization, Dialogue Work, and Mobilization Practices, among other techniques.

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