Energy of Love

Published: Nov 9, 2020 | Updated: Nov 9, 2020

eBook - Traditional Asian Self-Care & Self-Healing eBook - Traditional Chinese Medicine eBook - Tantric and Taoist Massage and Bodywork

Energy of Love, run by Maria, offers transformational experiences, modern day dakini support, classes, workshops, retreats and private sessions that combine Experiential and Somatic Practices, Tantra Yoga, Spirituality, Meditation, the Art of Sacred Sexuality Healing, Intuitive Touch, Cleansing, Nutrition, Conscious Relating, Tantra Massage, Chakra Balancing, Mind Mapping, Reflexology, Bioenergetics, Emotional Release Work, Breath-work, Dearmoring, Dance, Tantric Rituals, Kundalini Activation, Women’s Circles, Shakti Training, Healthy Living and Travel

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