Leftist or Rightist | What Has Nature Got to Do with It?

Published: Oct 13, 2023
Edited by: Team TB

Leftist or Rightist | What Has Nature Got to Do with It?

The world seems to be in so much turmoil. Leftist and rightist thinking fight each other so fiercely, and political election outcomes in many countries often revolve around a fifty-fifty percent. It’s amazing how divided mankind has become. But my questions is wat Nature has to do with this?

I, for myself — with regard to Nature — feel that it doesn’t matter if you agree with leftist or rightist ideas and policies. The real issue that’s at stake here and what we are facing is not something of ideology, but about the balance and health of Nature and in it’s tail the livability of planet Earth for us — for mankind. Don’t the past years show that very clearly?

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I don’t think this is something that has to do with leftist or rightist thinking. I think both left and right have now understood that we have reached a precarious moment in view of the health of our planet. Humanity needs to act. Become very aware. And make certain sacrifices to their plenty of wants and wealth, that is, let go of quite a lot of them.

It’s necessary that we need to let go of many things we think we need, but actually don’t really need or even really want. You see, we need a lot of things, because culture, civilization, our educational systems, the big corps, and power-hungry politicians have let us believe we need or want them.

Yet, Nature gives us all that we want and all that we need. That’s perhaps hard to fathom, but it really is like that. But Nature isn’t any longer available to mankind. It’s either taken by corporations, by private persons, protected by the state or environmental organizations, or simply not there where we live.

I feel that governmental policies need to be geared at allowing people to get back into close connections with natural surroundings, with the wilderness. As much as possible, away from the artificial constructs of cities and villages. That’s of course a dream of mine, and utter wishful thinking.

It’s why I believe mankind is doomed. Having lost all its rational, physical, emotional, and spiritual connections with its natural and supporting habitat it only destroys its own chances of a healthy life. Salvation of mankind will not come through left or right governments, but through a reconnection with planet Earth. And … unfortunately it will not happen.

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I’m not writing this article to advocate change. As far as I’m concerned, I think we’ve past all options of real change. I’m simply telling you what I think is the case and is about the happen; the complete destruction of mankind’s supporting habitat and subsequently the inevitable collapse of mankind itself. This is not some kind of pessimistic thinking of mine, but rather realism or — factualism, if you wish.

It’s not possible to sustain a mode of living like we have been following in the past decades, or in the past centuries for that matter, and still assume we will get away with it without negative consequences for ourselves. Nature clearly has reached it’s maximum of flexibility and resiliency and cannot and will not comply. Nature will erase and swallow that what impedes it to live and survive. That’s simply the law of Nature.

There’s no solution, because the majority of mankind doesn’t want or even sees another solution or direction. And if they do, they’re simply powerless in bringing about a fundamental change. However, the salvation is there, for only just a short time left, just for the few, the last of our peoples who can still choose (albeit against lots of difficulties and resistance from mainstream society) to enjoy Nature, to go for it, and live with it. As long as it still lasts in a form in which we can actually live in it.

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