Innate Intelligence, Chiropractic, and Vital Life Force

Published: Jun 16, 2022
Edited by: Team TB

Innate Intelligence and Vital Life Force

Innate Intelligence is a Chiropractic term that refers to the inborn organizing characteristics of animate phenomena. The term was launched by Daniel Palmer, who was the founder of Chiropractic.

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This concept of Innate Intelligence is usually considered to be related to the realm of Vitalism, in this particular case one that presupposes that all life contains an innate, inborn Life Force that is responsible for the organization, maintenance, and healing of the body.

Although it was historically believed by chiropractors that adjusting the spine removed interference to the nervous system, through which this Innate Intelligence could act and heal the body, the idea of Innate Intelligence as an unknown Life Force Energy is not very common any longer among modern chiropractic practitioners.

Chiropractors who still use the term often see Innate Intelligence rather as a form of homeostasis or as an expression of the natural self-healing mechanisms of the body.

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