10 Ways to Maintain Good Mental Health in Nursing School

Published: Nov 23, 2023
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10 Ways to Maintain Good Mental Health in Nursing School

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Nursing is, no doubt, one of the most demanding courses one can pursue. Apart from the huge plentiful reading materials to cover, there are several clinical rotations, and class assignments to contend with. Juggling all these simultaneously can easily make you forget about mental health in nursing homes and schools. But when your wellbeing takes a backseat, many things can go wrong.

That’s why we’ve prepared this short article to help you navigate the complex world of nursing school. It has tips for maintaining mental health against academic, professional, and social pressures. If you follow it diligently, you’re likely to enjoy a steadfast and focused mind that can provide the care and compassion that nursing requires. Read on to learn more!

Importance of Issues in Mental Health while Pursuing Nursing Education

Nothing comes ahead of your personal wellbeing during nursing school. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. But why does your mental health in nursing school matter so much? Some reasons include:

  1. Nursing is a demanding course, and caring for your mental well-being will help you stay focused, motivated, and perform excellently.
  2. The profession requires empathy and compassion towards others, and by prioritizing your mental health, you put yourself in the right place to provide the necessary care to patients.
  3. Practicing good mental health habits can help prevent stress, burnout, and frustrations, which are common in nursing practice.
  4. Lastly, it could make you an all-rounded practitioner since good mental health translates to overall happiness, better relationships, and enhanced personal growth.

From Stress to Success: 10 Strategies to Maintain Good Mental Health in Nursing School

There are unlimited strategies you can employ to get the best of nursing school. Below, we list the best alternatives for your mental health and wellbeing:

1. Prioritize self-care

Nothing should come ahead of taking care of yourself. Unlike cars and machines, the human body has no spare parts. Therefore, if you fail to take good care of yourself, your body will force you to care for it, and that comes with huge hospital bills. As a nursing student, you must spare time in your busy schedule for breaks, exercise, and enough sleep. Also, don’t forget to eat nutritious meals. Remember that your mental health is directly linked to your physical health. So, stay fit and agile.

2. Stay organized

College, in general, can be a traumatizing experience for many students. Considering the age of entry, life experiences, and other vital social factors, most learners are hardly prepared for bulk assignments, multiple exams, and clinical rotations in quick succession. It’s not surprising that mental health among nursing students is worrying. If you want to stay ahead of your studies and keep yourself whole in the process, stay organized. For instance, you can create a study schedule that works for you and keep track of important deadlines.

3. Seek support

We had a popular saying on campus that goes, “A degree is a community effort.” You can’t do it all on your own. At one point, you’ll need someone to talk to, share with, or just listen to. So, if you want to maintain good mental health in nursing school, reach out to others who might be experiencing difficulties like you. This often works like a charm. In fact, according to some psychological studies, sharing your challenges with others can provide a sense of camaraderie and support, leaving you feeling relieved and re-energized.

4. Embrace stress management techniques

It doesn’t matter how well you take care of yourself. College stressors will certainly catch up with you at one point. The best option is to be prepared, not oblivious to the lurking dangers. Simple breathing exercises and routines such as yoga can be magical. You can also try journaling and meditation to de-stress and develop higher levels of resilience. It’s better to incorporate these activities into your daily life instead of waiting until stress knocks wind out of your sails. It would also help to have a backup for your nursing writing needs. Getting help with nursing essay writing by CustomWritings service, for example, can be stress-relieving. Their experts can beat strict deadlines, and write quality nursing papers for you in no time.

5. Be realistic

Learn to separate dreams from reality. Not everything you desire is achievable. Therefore, you must understand that nursing school can be demanding, requiring that you set realistic expectations for yourself. Often remind yourself that you’re not perfect and may occasionally fail. However, don’t let any setbacks distract you.

6. Keep in touch with loved ones

Are you married or dating? Are your parents still alive? Do you have kids or dependents? How often do you see or talk to them? These are vital questions, especially for those away from their loved ones. A grounded person is a happy person. Keep in touch with your relatives and friends, as they can provide emotional support and help you maintain a healthy work-life balance.

7. Practice positive self-talk

Giving up is never far away for many people. All it can take to neglect your dreams is a negative inner voice – self-doubt. Watch out for persistent defeatist thoughts that try to derail you. If possible, replace them with positive affirmations, reminding yourself of your strengths, accomplishments, and skills. You can easily manifest whatever you say about yourself, so claim it!

8. Put technology aside

We understand that technology has taken over our lives. You need tech to order food, secure homes, entertainment, education, and more. But too much of it can be dangerous. Some studies have shown that over-exposure to screens can cause and compound anxiety, stress, and depression. Therefore, it’s wise to take a break from them and interact with nature. Try reading a book or going for a walk outdoors.

9. See a professional

If you feel it’s already too late for you, seek professional help. Remember that issues in mental health nursing are not to be ashamed of. Reach out to a therapist, mentor, or counselor to provide critical guidance.

10. Celebrate small victories

Life isn’t a destination but a journey. So, you must stop to acknowledge and celebrate small wins like completing assignments, passing exams, or successfully completing clinical rotations, as often as possible. You can reward yourself with some chocolate, wine, or sweet cakes while at it.


There’s just so much you can do to maintain good mental health in a nursing college. However, everything boils down to resources and how demanding it can be to implement. In this case, the surest way to stay sane against the pressures of nursing school is to take care of yourself. If you do, you’ll find the right balance.

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