Tip Hat Taa

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Teacher Pawittra Duangkrathok offers Traditional Thai Massage courses in Chiang Mai. One can choose a variety of course durations (1, 3 or 5 days). The school's focus is on therapeutic Thai Massage. Additionally, students can profit from on-site accommodation options.


Chiang Mai, Thailand

Training Services
  • Practitioner Training
Thai Healing Arts Classes
  • Thai Massage (Nuad Thai)
  • Thai Foot Massage & Reflexology
  • Thai Oil Massage & Aromatherapy
  • Thai Tok Sen
  • Thai Herbal Packs, Herbs & Preparation
  • Thai Ministry of Education
  • Thai Ministry of Public Health
Tip Hat Taa School in Chiang Mai | Review
Tip Hat Taa is a Thai Massage school located in Chiang Mai, more specifically in the Wat Ket district (about 3.5 km from the Old City). It is run by Pawittra Duankrathok (Mam) who i [ ... ]

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