Hellerwork | Connective Tissue Bodywork, Movement Education, and Somatic Dialogues

Published: Mar 13, 2022
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Hellerwork | Corrective Changes in Alignment and Movement

Hellerwork Structural Integration — or simply called Hellerwork — was created by Joseph Heller, and is an extension of Dr. Rolf’s method aka Rolfing.

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Departing from the Rolfing Structural Integration treatment modality designed by Ida Rolf, Joseph Heller’s conviction was that the therapeutic work didn’t need to be necessarily painful and forceful. As a result, Hellerwork took another direction and can be seen as a softer approach of Rolfing, and more focused on psycho-emotional aspects.

Hellerwork, like Rolfing, aims at integrating body, mind and movement patterns to create beneficial, corrective changes in alignment and movement.

It allows one to be aware of the body’s physical holding patterns — aka the Body Armor. This helps the client to identify areas of restriction, tension, or rigidity in the body, and works to release and restore ease and fluidity of movement.

There are three main components in Hellerwork sessions:

  • Deep Connective Tissue Bodywork,
  • Movement Education, and
  • Self-Awareness Dialogues.

Connective Tissue Bodywork releases tensions that exist in connective tissue. This is hands-on fascia bodywork.

Movement Education is about becoming aware of one’s body and movement patterns, in order to discover easier, better and fuller ways of moving.

Self-Awareness Dialogues or Somatic Dialogues are about becoming aware and more responsible of how thoughts, feelings and beliefs relate to the posture and overall health of one’s body.

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