De-Armoring Session | How Does it Work?

Published: Mar 25, 2024
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It’s difficult to give consistent information of how a Body De-Armoring session (or sessions) will take place, because it basically depends on the type of De-Armoring modality applied, and the background, training, and lineage of the practitioner or therapist. Moreover, it depends on the client’s needs.

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As a general rule, De-Armoring sessions will be carried out in a one-on-one, private setting, and may take one hour up to several hours. Body De-Armoring may be done following a strict sequence and may involve a specific number of sessions, for instance, seven sessions to work on the different body segments that need to be De-Armored. A treatment may also just consist of one session.

In addition, De-Armoring may involve several distinct steps taken in a predefined order, such as intake and inquiry, Talk Therapy, instruction and education with regard to certain exercises, body awareness, and breathwork that the client need to master before the actual hands-on session, then external De-Armoring followed by internal De-Armoring, an integration phase, and so on.

Other activities may also come into play, such as meditation exercises, dance and movement practices, singing bowls, chants and evocative music, and/or visualizations, among others.

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Mind that the description given above is just an example. Each therapist will do things differently, as said — it all depends on the type of Body De-Armoring modality they work with and on the needs or wishes of a client.

The actual full-contact Body De-Armoring (typically carried out with massage and touch techniques, such as firm pressure, acupressure, or stretches) may be applied to the clothed (wearing comfortable, loose-fitting clothing) or (partly) unclothed body of the receiver. Some or all work may be done with the client lying on a massage bed or perhaps on the floor on a floor mat, or some parts of the therapy may be done sitting, while moving, or standing.

It’s recommended not to eat or drink within an hour or two prior to a De-Armoring session, and to empty the bladder and bowels before starting. And last but not least, mind also that receivers should be prepared for deep emotional and trauma release, which is usually the main goal of Body De-Armoring sessions.

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