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Mrs. Nit Chaimongkol (1932 – 2015), better known as Mama Nit, was born in Sukhotai. At a young age already she was interested in healing massage and learned intuitively, including basics from her grandfather, a traditional Chinese Medicine doctor. Her mother was a traditional Thai midwife.

Mama Nit got her formal training in Thai Massage in Bangkok at the Wat Chettuwan Temple, at Wat Po, and at the Northern Region Herbal Institute. After her husband died, being already in her early 40’s, she started to give Thai massage professionally and later also teachings.

She was renowned for her tough Jap Sen Style Thai Massage, her knowledge of Karsai Nei Tsang, Thai Sen Energy Lines, and Herbal applications. In addition, she put strong emphasis on working with a good body position, focusing on correct ergonomics for the Thai Massage practitioner to avoid injuries and strain, and being able to prolong massage work for longer periods of time.

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