The Art of Being®

Published: Aug 6, 2020 | Updated: Aug 6, 2020

eBook - Traditional Asian Self-Care & Self-Healing eBook - Traditional Chinese Medicine eBook - Tantric and Taoist Massage and Bodywork

The Art of Being®, founded by Alan Lowen, guides people who want to learn to integrate and celebrate all aspects of their personal life and being. For over 40 years Alan e has been presenting experiential workshops and long trainings that address the essential personal themes of people’s real lives. He studied psychology at London and Oxford universities. His personal mentors include Dr. Carl Rogers, one of the founding fathers of the human potential movement, and the mystic, Osho Rajneesh, with whom he spent 8 transforming years. In the late 80’s he founded The Art of Being® as a path of personal growth and spiritual awakening.

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