Guest Post Policy

We may accept paid guest posts if we find that the content fits our website. Nonetheless, our policy is to publish guest posts with complete transparency and disclosure for our website visitors and for search engines.

Please also mind that we don’t publish link insertions in our existing posts.

Publishing Conditions

  • On receiving your article we will review it. We reserve the right, at our own discretion, to not publish your article even if the topic or links in it follow our guidelines. If we decide not to publish your article, we will inform you of our reasons.
  • We disclose to our website visitors that the article contains sponsored content with the following phrase written at the top of the post: “Editor’s Note: This article contains sponsored content”
  • Your article is placed permanently on our website, although you can always ask us to remove it.
  • Links in your article should use anchor texts (we don’t publish plain links), which should be natural and logical, and make sense in the structure and flow of the sentence and paragraph.
  • We supply the links in your article with a sponsored tag implemented as: [a href=”” rel=”sponsored”].
  • The article should contain a minimum of about 650 words.
  • The content of the article and the links in it should cover a topic that relates to our website, such as health, fitness, exercise, sports, wellness, spirituality, herbal medicine (which includes CBD, Cannabis, Kratom, and Ayahuasca), personal development, Tantra, Taoism, breathwork, Yoga, massage, or any type of bodywork. It means we don’t accept casino, gambling, betting, gaming, bitcoins, or financial topics and links.
  • We appreciate it if you include a free lead image for the article. If not, we will supply one ourselves from a free image stock.

Info and Pricing

If you have any further questions about placing guest posts on our site or want to know the price, feel welcome to write to us.