What Are We Talking About?

Published | Updated June 30, 2019

What Are We Talking About?
Many years ago, I read an essay from Ludwig Wittgenstein in which he said: “When somebody presents a topic there are only two possibilities: you can either follow what someone is talking about, but you don’t know where he or she is heading at, or… you know where someone is heading at, but you don’t have any clue how he or she will reach it.”

Nonetheless, I think that my particular topic falls in neither category. I think one can usually not follow what I’m talking about, and neither does one know were I’m heading at. And that, in fact, seems to make my little enterprise a very desperate one.

For one, the things I’m talking about have no definite conclusions or answers, so in fact, I’m heading nowhere. Secondly, the way to approach the topic needs another kind of vocabulary. One that breaks with existing concepts. It naturally means that it’s hard, if not impossible, to follow the discourse.

But what we really want to know, and that’s what we’re talking about here, is how Life functions, where it originates, what it is.

On the whole, in the most general way, men witness an unending variety of phenomena. With help of man’s intellect, with his strict logic of cause and effect, we can go a long way understanding those, but the first cause remains to be veiled in mystery.

And it will be indefinitely, as long as we look for it in the way we do. In fact, we can’t find “a first cause,” because accepting that, would mean it would have been there all along—eternally. It implies that the first cause would have no cause causing it.

And that profoundly challenges man’s logic, for it means we need to accept an “always existing first mover.” We can’t ever do that intellectually, logically—only maybe, we can believe.

It’s where in fact all religions stem from. The “first mover” then, is called God—the first creator. Others name it the Universal, the Absolute, or Life, but that’s a matter of language.

Now, let’s for a moment assume that God, or Life, as a first mover, as a first cause, has existed eternally, from time’s beginning, where in this case, time of course would have no actual beginning at all.

Assuming the premise, the only conclusion can be that matter, energy, light, photons, electrons, or however we may call the particles of which phenomena are made of, must have been there all the time. Even if they’d be imaginary, which would just throw us back to the imaginer. Whatever the case, things still imply that God, or Life, or the Absolute, is all that.

That Life, being all that, expresses itself by all that, taking up a sequence of changing, alternating (life) forms—perhaps everlastingly.

It means that Life’s essence is formless. Its essence is like a chameleon, taking on an endless spectrum of colors. And by its expression, its presence, it proves its non-existing essence.

Well, I don’t know if you can still follow what I’m talking about, or if you know where I’m heading at, but if you don’t, then I suppose I’ve made my point.

But if you do follow my trail, and know where I’m heading at, I suppose I don’t need to say anything more. It would be like repeating the same song of the same bird—eternally.

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