Wat Po Thai Yoga – Set 3 | Picture Pack

Wat Po Thai Yoga | Set 3

Photographer: Helissa Grundemann
Number of pictures: 20
Picture sizes: between 1500 and 1600 pixels (longest side)
Picture formats: jpg
Licensing: terms of use
Delivery: by download and email
Price: US$ 5 or more if you want.

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What is this Picture Pack about?

This is our third image pack with twenty royalty free Thai Yoga (Reusi Datton) statue pictures taken at the Wat Po temple in Bangkok, Thailand.

More about the Wat Po Thai Yoga Self-Stretching statues can be read in our post History of the Rue-Si Dat Ton Hermit Statues at the Wat Pho Temple in Bangkok.

The size of our pictures (between 1500 and 1600 pixels for the longest side) is ideal for use in presentations, social media, newsletters, common web use such as in blogs, articles, and on websites, for brochures, books, magazines, and high quality prints up to 20cm (7.9 inch) wide.

If you need a higher resolution for a certain photo, please contact us for specifics and pricing.

Pack Contents

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The photos displayed are watermarked by our logo, but after your purchase you will receive the photos without a watermark.

How do you receive this Picture Pack?

We work with Gumroad, a reputable and established digital downloads service provider and payment processor. After buying this Picture Pack you can immediately download the images in JPG format. We will also send you an email with a link to the downloads so that you can re-download the images anytime you’d like to.

Terms of Use

Our photos are sold royalty free (pay once, use forever) and may be used personally or professionally for editorial, commercial and promotional purposes, except for the purposes mentioned below:

— Do not use the photos in any unlawful manner, such as pornography or defamation.
— Do not deliberately allow downloading, extracting, or redistribution of the photos by others.
— Do not use the photos in a trademark, design, logo or other mark.
— Do not use the photos in goods or products where the photos are the primary value.
— Do not sublicense or resell the photos without prior written permission of the photographer.

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