Traveling after the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

Published | Updated April 16, 2020
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Traveling after the Coronavirus Pandemic

Traveling today is of course very restricted, if not impossible, but what about traveling after the Coronavirus pandemic?

I think it’s a point of concern for several reasons. First of all I think the travel industry will not recover easily, and maybe things have even changed forever. People will generally hesitate start traveling again, out of fear of “catching something” abroad, being quarantined in a foreign country, or maybe, in case of a sudden lockdown, having a lot of difficulties returning home.

It’s also clear that there will be very tough medical checks on arrival at your destination: fever-checks, medical passport, maybe even blood checks, and what not. Not to talk about the mandatory medical okay at home before getting a visa at the consulate of the country you’d like to visit. Visas, I think, will be reintroduced for most countries in the world; visa on arrival or visa waivers will be something of the past.

Moreover, each country will have its own, perhaps incomprehensible precautions, safety implementations, and so on, to “never let this happen again,” which will make visiting other countries simply “not funny.”

Another thing I already see happening is that people all over the world are suspicious of foreign travelers in their countries; they want them out of the country, asap. The stories of travelers who have met violence, rudeness, and hostility because of being a “potential source of infection” are plenty. This certainly doesn’t create good soil for future traveling.

The travel and tourist industry is one of the most severely hit sectors of economy, everywhere, globally. Really, it’s simply dramatic. Many travel agencies, flight carriers, airline companies, and the like are down or will go down. Many will not survive the current crisis. The people and businesses that depend on tourists have a very, very hard time.

Your guess is as good as mine as for when, how and if the tourist and travel industry will recover at the levels we had before. Nevertheless, there are perhaps also positive sides: less tourist-pollution, less exaggerated prices for Airbnb rentals, less carbon dioxide in the air, less smog, less resources used, and so on. If one thing is clear, is that our planet Earth i.e. Nature is the big winner of the COVID-19 battle.

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