Transitions With Thai Massage

Published | Updated February 7, 2019


We all got these I suppose. Transitions. You work and change. You grow. Or maybe you just only change. Perhaps growing is not the right word at all. You have these little crises. Of not knowing where to go from now. What to do. How to proceed.

We practice and we need more. We look for something. Something else, something new. Something further. Looking at all the courses and all the teachers—I don’t know. What to do? To whom? Why?

Maybe we should just go to Thailand once more. Shop around. Look for the perfect course, the perfect teacher. Yeah well—the master. You never know. Can try it once more. Keep looking. Or maybe—just stop looking.

Basically we grow most with and through my clients. New forms, new results, new ways develop. We change. Our sessions change. And because of that—clients change. It’s sometimes disturbing. Setting one out of balance. You wonder what to do next. You start to question the courses and—your own work. Where does this go? Where does it end? Again— what next?

And we get the devastating pressure from legislation. From needing to fit in. From regulation. It’s typical. It’s Western. To get a grip on… to control. To let it fit in this suffocating “accredited and acknowledged” occidental conventional framework. Because we don’t want Thai Massage practitioners to hurt people, do we?

I could give an extensive discourse on this particular one, but I won’t for now. I’ve also learned you just don’t win. Deep-rooted functionalism and unquestioned believe— are just too strong. The spiral of fear… and plain ignorance has it’s own radius, drive, and unidirectional force.

We can only change ourselves. Be flexible. On time. Find new ways. Unexplored ways. Until the next legislation round hits you. And the next prison might await.

And thus—we need to move. Move on. Be ahead off. Take risks and dare. It’s a pity and it’s a challenge on the other hand. It’s securing our freedom. And to work the work. Continuously.

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