Massage and Bodywork Concepts

 Published June 7, 2020 | Updated November 13, 2020

Traditional Healing Concepts

This page lists our articles about Traditional Healing Concepts.

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Abdominal Massages and Herbal Medicine | Compresses, Oils, Packs and Pastes
Abdominal Massage and the Navel (Umbilicus)
What is Abdominal Massage? | Visceral Massage
Baby and Infant Massages
Breast Massages | Prevention, Firming, and Lactation
Deep Tissue Massages
Massage for Back Pains
Full Body Massage versus Partial Body Massage Treatments
The Differences between Relaxation and Therapeutic Massages
The Differences between Fertility Massage and Abdominal Massage
Why People Use Traditional and Alternative Fertility Treatments
A Holistic Approach of Treating Infertility
Modern versus Traditional Medicine Systems
Acupressure and Acupoints in Traditional Chinese Medicine | TCM
Categorization and Branches of Thai Traditional Medicine
The Chakras | Prana Transformation and Distribution Centers
The Indian Yoga Nadis | Prana Energy Channels
Tantra and Neo-Tantra | Beyond Sex and Sexuality
White Tantra, Red Tantra, Black and Dark Tantra Explained
Buddhist Ethics and Thai Massage
Substance and Structure of the Thai Sib Sen Energy Lines
Meditation, Mindfulness and Sexual Healing
Healing, Spirituality and Thai Massage
Diagnostics in Traditional Chinese Medicine
Thai Sen Lines and Chinese Meridians
A Myofascial Theory of the Thai Sib Sen Energy Lines
Sen Sib Theory | Energy Lines
The Concept of Lom Pran or Prana in Thai Massage
The Five Elements Theory in Chinese Medicine | TCM
Holistic Approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine | TCM
Chinese Herbal Medicine | TCM
The Number of 72,000 Sen Energy Lines
Qi (Chi) | Vital Life Energy
Taoism and Traditional Chinese Medicine
Yin Yang and Traditional Chinese Medicine | TCM
Thai Massage Energy Work versus Bodywork
The Differences between Northern and Southern Thai Style Massage
AcroYoga, Partner Yoga, and Thai Massage | Similarities and Differences
What Is Traditional Chinese Medicine About?
Holistic Massage Therapy, Body Language, and Body Talk
Asian Traditional Midwifery – The Key Postpartum Concept of Regaining Heat
Traditional vs Contemporary Postpartum Treatments in Thailand
The Application of Traditional Herbal Medicine in Thailand
Asian Traditional Postpartum Practices and Confinement Period
What is Traditional Bodywork?
The Importance of Traditional Sexual and Genital Treatments
Pancha Kosha Philosophy, Thai Massage and The Circle of Life
Thai Traditional Genital and Abdominal Massage – A Tandem
Thai Massage and Thai Medicine Diagnostics & Treatment in Thailand
Thai Yoga Massage or Thai Massage?
Traditional Thai Medicine and the Four Body Elements
Philosophy of Traditional Thai Medicine in Thailand
Energy and Thai Massage