Thoughts About Thai Massage Therapy

Published | Updated February 6, 2019

Thai massage statues at Wat Pho

A collection of random thoughts and notions on Thai Massage Therapy.

* Always begin working with the “good side.” It creates trust from the receiver. Don’t start with the diagnosed side.  Learn from the “good side.” The receiver’s body (subconsciously) learns what is going to happen later, that is— what you’re going to do with the “bad side.” And you as a practitioner learn how the “bad side” should function.

* “Burn” (layered muscular) blocks. Hand-heat, wide palm-pressure. Talks. Don’t go in too fast, too strong—at first. Use soft-touch initially on a diagnosed side.

* A “blocked side” is basically too much energy kept. Old energy. The “loose side” is often too little energy (we should stimulate the flow of energy). The “loose side” sometimes just looks like the “good side,” but it isn’t always. Remember it can just be very, very weak. Yin-Yang concept. “Balancing” energy.

* Energy is the ability to do something. To act. Physically, emotionally, mentally. When stagnated, energy can not be used for something else. Or—it doesn’t flow to the region where it is needed.

* But what if “both sides” are blocked? How to find the “loose side.” The Yin-side? For instance—what is the Yin-side of both trapezium area’s of the shoulders blocked? We can only start looking for the root-causes. What happened? For instance: what do the tensed shoulders compensate?

* A lot of issues are simply due to the working-environment, food habits, relationship-problems (in a broad sense, meaning not only classical love-relationships), environmental issues. Stress, anxiety and anguish are powerful blockers. Body-contractors. They put people in a depressed, tensed and defensive state.

* When there are no therapeutic issues Thai Massage is “just” prevention. It’s muscle relaxation. Keeping the machine oiled. Soothing. Stimulating blood-circulation. Both sides then are “good sides.” Energy is already balanced naturally.

* Soft-touch works with two-points stimulation. Redirecting energy-flow. “Feel” it coming. One point on the painful area (or on the trigger-point), the other point further up the Sen-line. Connect.

* Understanding the disease. The receiver needs to understand him or herself. Understanding starts healing or maybe better said—understanding of the actions to be taken to heal. Insight burns away obstacles.

* How to tell a nerve to “let go” of messaging the muscle to let go of a contracted state? Conscious will or effort doesn’t work. The receiver needs to relax. Relax deeply on an emotional level. It will tell the nerves to let go. The “threat” is over. Relax.

* Still—we can “flip” and “twitch” nerves. It sometimes reactivates a “sleeping” nerve or puts it back into the right “state.”

* Sometimes nerves are just squeezed between (contracted) muscles. We just pull or press out the nerve to get space and functioning again. Align the nerve again in it’s natural position.

* Bones, joints which are slightly displaced can benefit from a chiropractic approach. Thai Massage “cracking.” But cracking shouldn’t be forced. The controlled movement of a “crack-technique” only realigns body-parts in a natural way. Never any pain involved in Thai Massage cracking.

* “Rocking” (Harmonics) can help the receiver to relax. The continuous rhythmic movement puts, forces the receiver in “surrender-state.” The receiver can not follow the movement any more and—gives up. Lets go.

* Some people just need some serious (muscle, tendon) stretching. Relaxation and soothing of muscle tissue. There are sports-people you know. Or those who just did a strenuous mountain-trek.

* There are times somebody just needs to be touched. Sometimes that’s all that’s needed to “heal.” You would be surprised to know how many people haven’t really been touched gently, deeply and compassionately for way too long a time. They often rediscover parts of their body long forgotten. It releases stuck emotional issues. Furthermore—it “grounds” them. Puts them back in their bodies. It reconnects mind-body parts.

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