The Useless Life of Jacobus Tetzler | eBook

Author: Marce Ferreira
First Published: September 2019
Last Updated: May 2020
Length: 21 pages
Formats: pdf, epub, mobi
Price: US$ 1 or more if you want.

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What is this eBook about?

Now and again we meet a truly extraordinary person. Another human being of whom we really learn something, who adds value, love and remarkable insights to our life.

Someone who gives our life a decisive turn, who changes our life’s direction and the way we view the world around us. Not only for what they say, but also for how they say things. And maybe even more important — for how they are.

This little eBook is about the life and insights of Jacob Tetzler – about Jay – my dear friend and teacher. It’s a short chronicle about time spent with this remarkably useless guy.

As Jay liked to put it: “I don’t have any plans. But I like to be with people, to hear their stories, and to tell them mine. I like people and I like stories.”

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