The Ultimate Chiang Mai Thai Massage Training Guide

 Published April 25, 2019 | Updated October 18, 2020

The Ultimate Chiang Mai Thai Massage Training Guide

In this post, I’ll talk a bit about the history and content of our eBook Thai Massage Schools & Teachers in Chiang Mai – The Ultimate Thai Massage Training Guide.

In fact, this book has been in the making since 2010, at the time I first studied Thai Massage in Chiang Mai and started collecting info about Thai Healing Art training providers in Thailand, which eventually resulted in developing our website

I found it more than justified to write a dedicated book about Thai Healing Arts trainers in Chiang Mai, being the capital city of Thai Massage in Thailand and globally. The number of trainers and variety of trainings offered in Chiang Mai is simply dazzling and I think to have created some order and overview with publishing this book aimed for use within the global Thai Massage community.

The eBook includes Thai Healing Arts schools and trainer reviews and a thorough compilation of trainer info with training course offerings including course durations. It’s a book containing all known schools and individual trainers in Chiang Mai (and Chiang Rai) that accept foreign students, which comes to a total of about 73 providers.

The principal idea behind this book is that I think that thorough research and preparation is necessary to find the right training school that will be a “perfect fit” for students in terms of goals, time and costs.

Apart from descriptions and reviews of trainers I’ve added Thematic Training Course Listings, that is, chapters that give an overview of trainers and their courses with regard to a specific Thai Healing modality. Think of trainer and course overviews of Karsai Nei Tsang, Chi Nei Tsang, Thai Fire Therapy, Tok Sen, Postpartum Massage trainings, among other healing specialties.

I have also added lots of Supporting Articles with information about, for instance, the Lanna Folk Healing Arts, Deals & Discounts on Training, Best Herbal Product Shops & Markets in Chiang Mai, Thai Massage Schools with On-site Accommodation, and Getting Around in Chiang Mai, to name a few articles.

The book is available in all popular eBook formats, PDF (desktop computers and mobile devices), EPUB (most e-readers, mobile and Apple devices) and for MOBI (for mobi readers, mobile and Kindle devices).

eBook - Thai Massage Training in Thailand eBook - Chi Nei Tsang & Abdominal Massage in Thailand eBook - Thai Massage Schools & Teachers in Chiang Mai

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