The Ten Million Dollar Question

Published | Updated March 29, 2020

The Ten Million Dollar Question

A lot of the things we set out to do, perhaps even most of our efforts, are in one way or another aimed at earning money.

Certainly, we do need to provide for our basic needs, and for the needs of those for whom we have taken responsibility. And generally, that comes to supplying ourselves and our loved-ones with proper shelter, food, clothing, and health care. And all that—costs money.

But as most of us don’t enjoy “the silver spoon,” being a lucky thief, or winning the lottery, we need to work for it. Hard. And in most cases—nearly all our lifetime.

No doubt that our plain existence and survival come first. Without us being “alive and kicking,” there can’t be any place for a “second” or “higher” step in our personal development. But every so often we do ask ourselves if “this is it?” If “this is all?” What do we really want with our lives?

Personally, when having these doubts, I use a simple question: “What would I do now (or not do) if I’d have ten million dollar on my bank account?” And most of the time that does the trick!

It answers if I’d still do the job I do now, or would rather change profession or activity. Or if I’d perhaps do the same job, but differently. Maybe work less, having time for other activities I’d really like to do.

It also answers if I’d be where I am now, or if I’d perhaps move to another place or country. And last but not least, it shows us if we would still entertain the relationships we have, perhaps abandon them, or maybe change them. It clarifies our interpersonal dependencies.

You see, the ten-million-dollar question doesn’t answer how to reach our true wishes, it only shows. The how is of course something else.

For those who’ll never ever own ten million bucks—and that counts for most of us—there is in fact only one question to be answered: how can I get by with less money and fulfill my true wishes at the same time?

Well, first of all, I discovered I had too many “needs” which I considered “basic.” Moreover, I could fulfill quite some needs without use of any money, for example, by “trading” my personal talents for food or shelter.

Leveling-down to “the real basics” and to exchange without money being involved, gave me more freedom to live like I would like to live. Surely, I didn’t get all freedom, I still don’t have that, but quite a lot more to be able to do “other things” also, things I really want to do. Things that content me and give deeper satisfaction.

Well, the ten-million-dollar question doesn’t bring us ten million dollar, but it can give us ten million reasons and prospects to start changing our lives and live it to the fullest.

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