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The COVID-19 ChallengeWritten by: Marce Ferreira
First published: November 2021
Last updated: December 2021
Length: 111 pages
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What is this Book about?

In this book we discuss the COVID-19 changes, challenges, and business opportunities for health and wellness professionals.

The main focus of the book is to support massage, spa and wellness practitioners and teachers in successfully transforming their businesses into a more resilient, more flexible, and more robust enterprise, one that is better capable of ensuring business and income continuity.

Table of Contents

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Open Preview
~ COVID-19: A Global Business Game Changer 7
~ How We Successfully Transformed our Website 11
~ Social Distancing: Killing the Health and Wellness Industry 15
~ The Spa, Massage, and Bodywork Training Industry 17
~ Increased Client Reliance on Self-Care 21
~ More Need for Care, Less Opportunity to Give It 23
~ The COVID Waves of Deception 25
~ Supply Chain Disruptions: People and Materials 27
~ Recurrent Adaptions to New Safety Requirements 29
~ Traveling Therapists and Teachers 30
~ People’s Reflections and the Search for Meaning 33
~ Awareness, Acceptance, and Action 36
~ Should you Stop your Business? 37
~ No Worries: The Health & Wellness Sector is Still Alive 39
~ Adaptation and Transformation: What is the Difference? 41
~ Business Diversification: Managing Financial Risks 43
~ The Question of Costs and Investment 45
~ New Business Opportunities due to COVID-19 46
~ Using your Existing Client Base 48
~ Multi-Channel Business Strategies 49
~ From Care to Self-Care Services 52
~ From Indoor to Outdoor Activities 54
~ From Walk-in to Scheduling Appointments Online 55
~ From Full-time to Part-time Work 56
~ From Therapist to Coach and Counselor 58
~ From Group to Private Training Options 60
~ Pros and Cons of Online Services 62
~ The Move to Online Massage and Bodywork Training 64
~ Is Online Massage Training Feasible? 66
~ What Online Activities to Focus On? 69
~ Joining Online Affiliate Programs 70
~ Creating and Publishing eBooks 72
~ Creating and Publishing Videos 74
~ Online Subscription and Membership Services 76
~ Localizing versus Globalizing your Business 77
~ Lowering your Operational Costs 79
~ The Truth about Building a Successful Online Business 81
~ COVID-19, BCE, and CE 84
~ Our Life under Lockdown 86
~ How We Stay Fit during Lockdown 89
~ The Rise of Online Reusi Dat Ton Training 92
~ How COVID-19 Infected our Website 94
~ People and Touch Starvation 98
~ COVID-19, our Immune System, and Bodywork 100
~ COVID-19 and Traditional Chinese Medicine 103
~ Platforms for Online Video Conferencing 106
~ Platforms to Create and Sell Online Education 107

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