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Thai Massage Treatments in ThailandFirst published: June 2019
Last updated: November 2019
Length: 115 pages
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What Is this Book about?

In this book we discuss Thai Massage and Thai Healing Arts modalities and treatments in Thailand, and we list selections of popular treatment providers across the country with links to their websites and Facebook pages.

Additionally, we give complete insight with regard to having a Thai Massage in Thailand, how to decide where to get the best treatment for you, and what to take into consideration to keep things safe, healthy, and enjoyable.

Table of Contents

~ What Is Thai Traditional Massage? 6
~ What Is Thai Traditional Medicine? 9
~ Thai Massage Precautions & Contraindications 12
~ What To Expect From a Thai Massage in Thailand? 15
~ Where to Get the Best Massage in Thailand? 19
~ Health Benefits of Thai Massage 25
~ Thai Massage Session Etiquette & Preparations 28
~ Is Thai Massage Dangerous? 30
~ What Is The Optimal Duration of a Thai Massage? 36
~ How Many Thai Massage Sessions Should I Take? 37
~ What to Wear to a Thai Massage in Thailand? 39
~ The Thai Massage Session Ambiance in Thailand 41
~ Thai Massage and Emotional Release 43
~ After a Thai Massage Session 45
~ The Complete Thai Massage & Thai Healing Arts Treatments Overview 48
~ 5 Most Popular Thai Massage Treatments & Price Averages 56
~ 7 Most Extraordinary Thai Massages in Thailand 60
~ Genital Massage Treatments in Thailand 63
~ Thai Massage and Erotic Sex Work in Thailand 65
~ The Best Thai Massage Spas Around the Khao San Road in Bangkok & Prices 68
~ 12 Unique and Exotic Thai Massage Spas in Chiang Mai 73
~ Thai Tok Sen Massage Treatment Providers in Chiang Mai 79
~ Thai Abdominal Chi Nei Tsang Massage Treatment Providers in Thailand 84
~ Thai Genital Karsai Nei Tsang Massage Treatment Providers in Thailand 93
~ Thai Postpartum Yu Fai Treatment Providers in Thailand 97
~ Thai Traditional Medicine Clinics and Hospitals in Thailand 100
~ Dos and Don’ts in Thailand 104
~ Getting Around in Thailand 107

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