Thai Massage Treatment Feedback

Published | Updated February 6, 2019

Thai Massage Treatment Feedback

Feedback from our clients is probably the most important way to become a better Thai Massage practitioner. And we do get feedback abundantly and in a variety of ways. We only need to recognize it, and take it in. And take it seriously.

We see for instance the changes in facial expressions during the session flow—they speak more than a thousand words. We listen to the sounds our clients utter—sighing, moaning, sometimes even crying or screaming. And we hear the little “ooohs” and “aaahs.”

We listen to their questions. And answer them. We feel the body reacting—little shocks, contractions, trembles, but also softness and openness. And we sense the atmosphere of the session.

It’s also good to ask what our clients’ expectations are—before the session starts. What were their previous experiences with bodywork? What do they want from you now, from the session? It tells you a lot about their state of mind.

And of course, I surely ask afterwards. How did they experience the session? And I ask them to tell me after two or three days how they feel, what they have gone through. And if they don’t, I explicitly contact them to give me some info. It’s important to me. To learn. To change. To improve.

In time, we get better and better. We listen sharper. We see quicker. We feel more. But we always need to stay alert, because everybody is unique. Every body is different. Our knowledge, our experience should not become a wall of ignorance. On the contrary, the more we know, the more experienced we are, the more we should focus on this unique person, with his or her unique being and his or her abilities and disabilities.

Continuous feedback gives us this opportunity to grow and embrace, to take care, to secure and to be sure. To become a master of arts.

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