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Published: Jun 6, 2020 | Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Thai Woman Cooking - Floating Market

In the ten years that I recurrently visited Thailand to study Thai Massage, I have always looked forward to the Thai kitchen. I generally love Asian food, and Thai food is simply delicious.

I have quite a plain taste though, I’m not the one of complicated dishes, and in fact, I just really love a simple, good Thai Fried Noodles (Pad Thai), Fried Rice (Khao Pad or Kao Pad) or a quick Thai Coconut Soup (but not too spicy, please).

Nevertheless, my experiences have shown me that things all depends on where you eat and from whom. You see, a Pad Thai in Chiang Mai can be very different from one in Bangkok or Hat Yai — the style, the kinds of (rice) noodles used, and the varieties of ingredients added or omitted, such as chicken, beef, or vegetables, to name some, can produce an almost completely different dish.

Anyway, this post is not about my culinary experiences, but an overview of Thai Cooking schools, restaurants and other establishments that offer Thai cooking classes and courses in Melbourne, Australia. Below the list.

Thai Cookery Classes in Melbourne

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Bangpop is a Thai restaurant in Melbourne. Apart from that, Bangpop also offers the chance to undertake a masterclass with the Head Chef to learn the secrets to two classic Thai dishes. [ Read more ... ]

The CAE provides learning to the Victorian community through a wide range of programs and services, adapting to meet the continually changing needs of adult learners. CAE delivers accre [ Read more ... ]
Foodie Trails

Foodie Trails runs home style cooking classes designed to be fun, casual and informative. They are run in a hands on group style environment. There's a selection of cuisines to cho [ Read more ... ]
Gourmet Kitchen

Gourmet Kitchen runs a variety of cooking classes of different cuisines. Additionally, Gourmet Kitchen facilitates a restaurant also, including takeaway options. [ Read more ... ]
Home Cooking Live by Otao kitchen

Otao Kitchen in Richmond, Victoria (Melbourne), founded by Chef Ha Nguyen, offers a broad range of Cooking Classes, Food Tours, Events and Catering. Apart from in-class cooking, Otao al [ Read more ... ]
Jean’s Asian Cooking

Jean's Asian Cooking is a place to discover and experience authentic Asian cooking. Jean runs small classes with hands-on and active participation and step by step guidance. Cookin [ Read more ... ]

Luv-a-Duck is a family owned Australian business based in Melbourne specialized in duck foods. Additionally, the company also runs cookery classes. [ Read more ... ]
Original Thai Cooking School

Original Thai Cooking School is a Thai Cooking School (but also a takeaway) based in Melbourne. Fun, hands-on cooking experiences teaching you how to create a Thai feast or a simple, qu [ Read more ... ]
OTAO Kitchen

Otao Kitchen in Richmond, Victoria (Melbourne), founded by Chef Ha Nguyen, offers a broad range of Cooking Classes, Food Tours, Events and Catering. Apart from in-class cooking, Otao al [ Read more ... ]
Relish Mama

Relish Mama is a cooking school in Melbourne, Australia, offering cooking classes to individuals (private), groups, but also to businesses for team-building. Additionally, Relish Mama a [ Read more ... ]
Spice Bazaar

Spice Bazaar, run by Patrick and Jill, hosts public, private and corporate groups in fun, hands on and relaxed cooking classes featuring many different cuisines, such as Moroccan, Middl [ Read more ... ]
The Essential Ingredient

Essential Ingredient’s cooking schools cover a wide range of cuisines, skills and experience levels and run cookery classes in Melbourne (Prahran, VIC), Sydney (Surry Hills, NSW) and [ Read more ... ]
The Humble Dumpling

The Humble Dumpling is specialized in Asian cuisine and offers cookery classes for individuals, groups and businesses. [ Read more ... ]
Trupp – The Chefs Table Cooking School

Trupp - The Chefs Table Cooking School in Melbourne offers a wealth of cooking courses created for those just starting out in the kitchen, for those who are confident gourmet chefs or [ Read more ... ]

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