TEFL and TESOL English Teacher Training Courses in Bangkok

 Published February 4, 2020 | Updated September 19, 2020

TEFL and TESOL English Teacher Training Courses in Bangkok
English Language Teaching (ELT) is a big industry and it keeps growing. The demand for English teachers stays high, notably in Asia, including Thailand.

To teach English in Thailand you will need at least a English teacher TESOL or TEFL certificate to start with, and depending on the situation or school you will teach at, you will also need some experience and/or a Bachelor or Master college degree.

TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and is actually the same as TEFL which means Teaching English as a Foreign Language and TESL, which is an abbreviation of Teaching English as a Second Language. There are no real differences and all will give you access to English teaching jobs.

Things that make a difference are the particular TEFL or TESOL course you take (online, in-class, the number of hours) and the certificate you obtain (solid, accredited, and widely recognized in the industry or in the country you want to teach in).

Usually courses given by an accredited university or college are accredited automatically. But also think of big names in the industry like SIT, Cambridge University (CELTA), Trinity University (Trinity certificate). In any case, it’s a bit Wild-West out there in TEFL-world and it all depends on the school or institute where you will want to go teaching what kind of ESL certificate (i.e. hours and accreditation) they require.

Training institutes also boast with things like “Australian Government Approved,” “American Government Approved,” “British Government Approved,” and so on. In Thailand however, requirements are not so tough — a TESOL/TEFL certificate, and a college degree (in any subject), no matter if you are a native or non-native English speaker, will largely suffice to find plenty of job opportunities.

Below we display a selection of English teacher training providers i.e. schools in Bangkok. Most trainings will take somewhere between four and eight weeks to finish.

TEFL and TESOL Training in Bangkok

Asian College of Teachers
Asian College of Teachers has its presence across the globe and offers TEFL and TESOL English teacher training programs. In Thailand, classes are offered in Bangkok, Phuket, and Koh Sam [ ... ]
AYC Intercultural Program
The AYC Intercultural Program in Bangkok is a provider of educational opportunities for English language development of Thai youth by using the "Learning by doing" principle. [ ... ]
Chichester College Thailand
Under the authority of Chichester College (UK) the Chichester College Thailand offers TESOL/TEFL teacher training programs in Bangkok, including guaranteed job placement. [ ... ]
ECC Language Institute
ECC Language Institute offers EFL teaching courses in Bangkok and Chiang Mai in TESOL/TEFL, Teaching English to Young Learners and Teaching Business English. [ ... ]
Go TEFL Thailand
GoTEFL is a branch of UniTraining International Ltd., a registered Thai company. UniTraining International Ltd. has been around since 2010 and began, under the UniTEFL branch. The GoTEF [ ... ]
GTEFL offers 4-weeks TEFL training courses in Bangkok, Thailand, including accommodation. Also offers guaranteed job placement. [ ... ]
International House Bangkok
International House Bangkok offers a broad variety of teacher trainings in TESOL/TEFL, Teaching English to Young Learners and Teaching Business English, etc. Certifications available fr [ ... ]
iTTi – international TEFL Training Institute
iTTi - international TEFL Training Institute offers in-class and online TEFL courses and TEFL certification around the globe. In Thailand, iTTi offers classes in Bangkok. [ ... ]
ITTT – International TEFL and TESOL Training
International TEFL and TESOL Training (ITTT) offers in-class and online TEFL courses and TEFL certification. Four-week TEFL training programs are conducted onsite at thirty-plus locatio [ ... ]
On the Mark Education Consulting Inc.
On the Mark offers TEFL English teacher training in a variety of countries, including Thailand. On the Mark works together with ITTT for the teacher training programs. Also offers guara [ ... ]
TESOL Tree offers English programs, English Camps, Corporate training, and Trinity CertTESOL English teacher training courses in Thailand. TESOL Tree works together with Trinity TESOL i [ ... ]
Text-And-Talk Academy
Text-And-Talk Academy in Bangkok offers a variety of TEFL/TESOL English teacher training programs. Includes job placement. [ ... ]
Trinity TESOL in Thailand
Trinity TESOL offers Trinity CertTESOL courses in Thailand and is affiliated to the Trinity College London CertTESOL. The 4 week residential course, 150 km south of Bangkok, includes pr [ ... ]
United Educational Consultants
United Educational Consultants offers TEFL/TESOL English teaching training programs in Bangkok, Thailand. [ ... ]
Vantage TEFL Certification
Vantage TEFL & TESOL offers Certification Courses in English Teacher Training in Bangkok, Thailand. [ ... ]
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