Take Time to Look

Published | Updated October 29, 2019

Take Time to Look
Just take some time to look at the clouds, the mountains, or at the plains, the woods. Don’t try to “explain” them.

Sit, lie down, or stand, still, and look at this single tree, this plant, a swarm of birds passing by. No names—just forms becoming fluid.

Look, and see this little rattling stream, listen to the sound of the wind running through the pine-trees, or join the vastness of an ever broadening ocean. Just look.

There’s no horizon. It’s space ever deepening. Expanding endlessly.

It’s all there right before your eyes, it’s all there is, in silent, bountiful expression—temporal in form, eternal in essence.

Just look. And see. Experience your inbuilt nature.

Take some time. Timeless time. Your birthright. Take the time to abide in formless forms, in soundless music, in this source-less source.

Discover what you are, who you are, abide there, here, and be it.

Just look.

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