Thai Healing Arts Training Providers are invited to send us their school or training center info, and website or social media links. It’s for free. On our Company page you’ll find more info about our registration process and the way we work.

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Thai Healing Arts Training Providers are welcome to send us their Special Offers and Discounts information, which we will publish on our Special Offers & Discounts Page. It’s for free.


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On we publish articles about the Thai Traditional Healing Arts, Thailand, and Training Providers and Courses in Thailand and in the rest of the world.

Our goal here, is to supply comprehensive resources about Training Providers, about learning or practitioning the Thai Healing Arts, and staying, traveling or studying in Thailand.


Our Reviews are part of our blog, but are specifically focused on giving information about Thai Healing Arts schools, teachers, or relevant organizations.

We neither favor nor criticize individual training providers. Our sole aim is to give prospective students objective information about providers and their services, and insight in the provider’s relations with other providers, associations, and lineages.


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