Thai Massage and other traditional healing arts trainers are welcome to send us their school or training center info. Registration with us is for free. On our about page you’ll find more info about the registration process and the way we work.


We publish eBooks with the aim of providing all-inclusive resources about trainers, massage treatment services, about learning or practitioning the Thai and other traditional healing arts, and staying, traveling or studying in Thailand.

Advertising & Affiliation

We are not affiliated to third-parties, and we don’t advertise for training or treatment providers. We like to write how we want to write and we prefer to stay objective and independent.


We publish articles about the complementary, alternative and traditional healing arts, about Thailand, trainers and courses in Thailand, in Asia, and in the rest of the world.

Our aim is to supply comprehensive resources about training providers, massage service providers, about learning or practitioning the traditional healing arts, and staying, traveling or studying in Thailand and other Asian countries.


We also write Reviews, which are specifically focused on giving information about Traditional Healing Arts schools, teachers, or relevant organizations.

Our goal is to give prospective students objective information about training providers and their services, and insight in the provider’s relationships with other providers, associations, and lineages.

Shop & Photographs

Helissa, co-founder of the website, is a passionate photographer who has a collection of photographs and digital art pieces of the beautiful Buddhist Temple Wat Pho in Bangkok, of Thailand, and other countries, available to be purchased.

We work with Redbubble, a “print on demand” service, which offers great images from artists around the world that can be printed on a variety of products. You can buy mugs, throw pillows, wall art with different sizes and framing, and many other products with the picture of your choice.

Additionally, you may also follow Helissa’s work on Instagram, or if you’d like to illustrate your blog, website or magazine with some nice images (not only about Thailand), purchase her pictures on Shutterstock, Adobe Stock or Alamy.