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Reusi Dat Ton Thai Yoga Training in ThailandFirst published: January 2020
Last update: January 2020
Length: 119 pages
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What Is this Book about?

In this book we cover concepts, history, practice, and training providers of Reusi Dat Ton (Thai Traditional Yoga) in Thailand.

Reusi Dat Ton, also called Reusi Datton, Rue-si Datton, or Rusie Dutton, among other labels, is still a fairly unknown Thai Healing Arts modality, even in Thailand, often confused with Thai Massage or Thai Yoga Massage. By insiders, Reusi Dat Ton is considered the foundation of Thai Massage and a valuable support for Thai Massage therapists, patients and clients, and for the general public as both a preventive (for fitness and suppleness) and healing (therapeutic) modality.

In-depth quality information on the subject is hard to find and so are serious, competent trainers with comprehensive training programs. In this book, besides covering history and concepts of Reusi Datton, we have collected info about schools and trainers in Thailand including the Reusi Datton programs they offer, we give examples of Reusi Datton exercises, address guidelines of practicing Reusi Datton, and supply useful supplementary chapters with related background info.

We think, with this book, to have contributed in helping to spread knowledge about this beautiful, graceful and truly unique and extraordinary Thai Yogic Art from Thailand.

Table of Contents

~ What Is Reusi Datton Or Thai Yoga? 7
~ Reusi Datton – What’s In A Name? 9
~ Thai Yoga Is Not Really Yoga 11
~ Reusi Datton Styles And Applications 12
~ On The Origins Of The Thai Healing Arts 16
~ The History Of Wat Pho 20
~ The Origins Of Reusi Dat Ton 23
~ The Rue-Si Datton Statues At Wat Pho 25
~ The Ancient Reusi Hermits From Thailand 28
~ Wat Pho’s 18 Self-Stretching Exercises 31
~ ITTM’s 15 Contorted Hermit Exercises 33
~ Advanced Exercise Sets In Thailand 37
~ Precautions & Contraindications 40
~ Clothing And Materials 41
~ Where To Do Reusi Datton Exercises? 42
~ Breathing Techniques 43
~ Using Strength And Power 47
~ Positioning Your Body And Body Parts 48
~ How To Do The Exercises? 49
~ Master Kong | Thai Yoga Massage School Bangkok 52
~ Siam Health Culture Center 54
~ Vichaiyut Hospital 56
~ Wat Pho Medical Massage School 57
Chiang Mai
~ Baan Hom Samunphrai 61
~ Chiangmai Classic Art Thai Massage School 63
~ ITM Chiang Mai 64
~ Jongrak Massage School 65
~ Lanna Thai Massage Traditional Medical School 66
~ Loi Kroh Massage & Yoga 67
~ Ong’s Thai Massage School 69
~ Panviman Spa Academy 70
~ Thai Massage School Of Chiang Mai (TMC) 71
~ Thai Oasis Spa & School 72
~ Timmy’s Thai Massage Training Center 73
~ Waulai Thaimassage 74
Koh Phangan
~ C&M Vocational School 76
~ Wareerak Hot Spring Retreat 78
~ Atsumi Healing 80
~ Suai Thai Massage School 81
~ Suuko Wellness & Spa Resort 83
Udon Thani
~ Udon Thani Thai Traditional Massage & Health School 85
~ Relief Of Chest And Waist Discomfort 87
   Goals & Benefits
   Muscle Engagement
   Precautions & Contraindications
   How To Perform The Exercises
   Instruction Pictures
~ Relief Of Knee Sprain 92
   Goals & Benefits
   Muscle Engagement
   Precautions & Contraindications
   How To Perform The Exercises
   Instruction Pictures
~ Exercise For Longevity 97
   Goals & Benefits
   Muscle Engagement
   Precautions & Contraindications
   How To Perform The Exercises
   Instruction Pictures
~ Thai Traditional Massage 101
~ Thai Traditional Medicine 103
~ The Relationship Between Indian Yoga And Thai Massage 105
~ Practicing Yoga And Doing Thai Massage 108
~ The Craze Of Rusie Dutton In Japan 110
~ Free Rue-Si Datton Classes At The Wat Pho Temple 112

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