Reusi Tevijjo Yogi

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We could find little information about Reusi Tevijjo Yogi (aka Somānanda Dharmanātha Yogi) or about his whereabouts), than that he's apparently an influential Reusi Datton and Traditional Thai Medicine teacher and Reusi (Rishi), being cited and named by other well-known teachers, such as for instance David Wells (Wells Yoga), Nephyr Jacobsen (Naga Center), and Enrique Dianti (Escuela Nuad Thai, Argentina).

Reusi Tevijjo Yogi took upon him the studies, arts and lifestyle of the Thai Rishis (Thai Reusis). You can learn more about Reusi Tevijjo Yogi's work and philosophy in the article "Interview with a Reusi” from Laura Covington, CMT. You can easily look it up on the Internet.


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